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The PROSEED project on Circular-based alternative PROtein extraction from grape SEEDs, is a European project that aims at the production and commercialisation of a new alternative protein product. The project will valorise grapevine seeds, an abundant wine industry by-product, into a high-value nutritional ingredient to be used as an additive in the healthy food and beverages industry. The production of this new plant-based protein addresses the primary issue of acute protein deficit in the European Union and enables the application of a circular economy model within the wine value chain.

Caviro SCA and Caviro Extra have designed a protein extraction bioprocess based on a pilot grape seeds detannification process that utilises Ultrasound Assistant Extraction (UAE) – specifically Alkaline – Acidic Extraction (AAE) coupled with ultrasound technology – with the goal to scale the technology up to industrial level within 2024

project partners

The PROSEED project partners include 6 organisations from three different countries, notably Italy, Hungary and Malta. The PROSEED partners are Caviro SCA, Caviro Extra, INALCA, University of Turin (UNITO), Campden BRI Hungary and MAGFI.